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Tailor-made to increase visibility and recognition for academic institutions and intellectuals through progressive academic development and by advancing continuous learning.

The TIIKM Global Academic Network facilitates an unparalleled academic service, delivered through teams of seasoned experts with decades of combined experience in catering to the development requirements of both higher-education institutions and individuals seeking limitless academic and professional growth.

What GAN Offers

Explore endless possibilities for learning and development on offer for GAN Members

• Personalized International Collaborations

A key component of the GAN service offering, our teams of experts seek to facilitate a personalized service through tailor-made international collaborations, to meet and cater to each and every requirement of our members.

• International partnerships for rapid progress

Achieve rapid progress in academic and research initiatives through international partnerships, enabled to complement competencies, expertise, and access to data- to bridge gaps and jointly overcome challenges.

• Seamless multi-party collaborations

Collaborate effortlessly and seamlessly with multiple and diverse groups of academic institutions and leading resource persons from across the globe instantly- benefiting from collective effort for learning and development.

• Teams with many specializations

Gain wide access to reliable data and collaborate on discovering break-through insights with active contributions from GAN members from across the world, specializing in a wide variety of domains and disciplines.

• Co-host international academic events

Opportunities to collaborate directly with the TIIKM Global Academic Network panel on partnering and organizing academic and research driven events, seminars and conferences.

• Showcase expertise on a global stage

Actively collaborate with peers across state boundaries to showcase your expertise and capabilities globally, receiving due credit for contributions made while building international recognition.

• International visibility through the network

Increase the global awareness and recognition for your institution/ university by becoming an active member of the largest, most interactive and diverse academic network in the world.

• Gain recognition for achievements

Present notable studies and breakthroughs/ innovations uncovered by the institution as well as news on significant achievements and milestones reached to build recognition by keeping the global TIIKM GAN community updated.

• Advance in world academic rankings

Draw on the depth and diversity of the TIIKM GAN community to advance in world university rankings rapidly through countless academic interactions.

• Global awareness and a solid track-record

Benefit from increasing awareness for initiatives driven by your institute at a global scale by engaging with the diverse membership base of TIIKM GAN and develop a memorable track record of fruitful partnerships.

• Influence global academic debates

Allow affiliated users to weigh-in and influence global academic debates and on timely international topics, trends to engage with the global academic and research community, representing your institution.

• Publish studies in world-renowned journals

Publication guidance and a simple pathway to publish studies in world-renowned, peer-reviewed journals listed in the Scopas Index, as part of our membership services- to bring visibility to your efforts at a global scale.

• Boosting profiles through contributions

Build upon your personal profile and advance your recognition within the global academic and research communities, through your contributions and interactions on TIIKM GAN.

• Visibility as co-host of international conferences

Build a commanding presence on the global academic stage by partnering with TIIKM GAN to host/ co-host academic international research and academic conferences which attracts attendees and presenters from 100+ countries.

• Developing international exposure

Volunteering opportunities and faculty exchange programs for members, aimed at developing international exposure and diverse knowledge-sharing experiences to enhance academic careers.

• Cutting-edge advisory services

Access to cutting-edge advisory services for TIIKM GAN members facilitated through collaborations with the leading academic institutions and resource persons from each field.

• Gain insights from industry experts

Attend global workshops and strategic training programs conducted by industry experts and leading resource persons from around the world, aimed at providing the latest insights for rapid career development of academics, faculty members and students.

• Join Highly esteemed conference committees

Members meeting the selection criteria can benefit from opportunities to join as highly esteemed committee members or to chair well reputed international conferences- offering a unique experience for development and strengthening profiles.

• Soft-skill and personal development

Engage in well-rounded and continuous learning by attending soft-skill development sessions and personal development workshops to unleash your maximum potential.

• Scholarships and exchange programs

Student exchange and scholarships, available for student members and academics to engage in continues learning at leading universities and academic institutions from across the globe.

• Next-level academic interactions

Members become a part of the most interactive international network of higher-education institutions, academics, and researchers in a highly engaging and welcoming environment for collaborations.

• A Network focusing on development

A closely-knit network of high-profile academics, researchers, professionals and industry leaders focusing on the same goals of collaborating internationally, growing personal networks and academic links, driven through a focused network.

• Bringing together academics globally

Interact with a wide membership base representing all regions and many countries and academic disciplines- working together to build academic futures with a truly global perspective, by collaborating on advancing academic initiatives.

• Valuable connections & academic links

Connect with leading experts and specialists with decades of experience in a wide variety of disciplines- forming multi-disciplinary teams with complementing and complete skillsets to tackle complex academic development tasks and overcoming challenges.

• Interactive, multi-directional knowledge-sharing

Interactions, engagements and international collaborations focused on multi-directional knowledge-sharing- through a platform empowering mutually beneficial partnerships between members.

• Real-time knowledge sharing via global conferences

Attend or present in the most impactful international conferences and join international webinars to grasp the latest findings from the most recent studies in a variety of fields, facilitating knowledge sharing between a vast number of participants representing 100+ Countries.

• Sharing knowledge and expertise internationally

Share your findings and expert advice on TIIKM GAN Forums to express your voice proactively engage with peers and share insights and views on contemporary issues and current events in the academic and research spheres.

• Cutting-edge academic resources and insights

A vast and ever-growing trove of academic resources reflecting the latest and cutting-edge insights gathered from academic studies from around the world to maintain accuracy and validity of knowledge shared.

• Insightful discussions with global experts

Join panel discussions and round table discussions which bring together the brightest minds from across the globe for productive and insightful interactions, sharing the latest knowledge aimed at academic development and continuous learning.

• Grow within the TIIKM GAN Community

Share insights from your research directly with the TIIKM GAN community to highlight your efforts at a global scale through the strong membership network and global connections facilitated.

• 20+ research oriented international conferences

Attend 20+ international research-focused conferences, to present your papers and gain insights from peers conducting research studies in the same field- facilitating 2-way learning and development through a global platform with a large number of participants representing 100+ countries.

• Guidance from experienced specialists

Participate in over 25+ publication workshops conducted by global experts with decades of experience in publishing research papers and learn the best-practices and guidelines to be followed to publish your own studies.

• One-on-one research skill development

Eligibility for personalized one-on-one guidance on academic writing and development with specialists, aimed at developing the proficiency of members to engage in and publish research papers.

• Publication pathway to reputed journals

Take your research to the next level with free publication guidance and a simple pathway to publish studies in world-renowned, peer-reviewed journals listed in the Scopas Index.

• Collaborate to achieve 17 SDGs

Work with TIIKM GAN on achieving the 17 Sustainable Development Goals outlined by the United Nations to progress towards a sustainable future together through collective effort.

• Sustainable development support services

Reach out to the free sustainable development advisory services offered free by TIIKM GAN to help member institutions implement sustainable practices within organizations and progress in its social and ethical standing.

• Join Global CSR Initiatives

Join TIIKM GAN in countless CSR projects which are organized globally with the participation of members and volunteers to address burning issues and support worthy causes.

• Strong ethical foundation for Academics

Familiarization sessions for academic best-practices and ethical guidelines, to transform our members into well-rounded academics and researchers equipped with the necessary skills and proficiencies to advance academically, personally and professionally.

• Build mentoring proficiency

Attend strategic sessions organized for members to enhance mentoring expertise, aimed at developing members who can facilitate knowledge transfers and a high-quality of knowledge sharing.

• Deliver learning more Impactfully

Development soft-skills which will enhance teaching/ lecturing techniques to allow academics to deliver knowledge and learning to students in a more interactive, engaging and impactful way- paving the way for inspired learning and development.

• Nurture the next generation of leaders

Become a leader through intensive training and development programs aimed at transforming members into leaders who can mentor and usher in the next generation of leaders.

• Personal guidance on mentorship

Reach out to the TIIKM GAN team to facilitate one on one mentoring sessions with seasoned professionals and well-experienced experts- allowing personalized mentoring for members and facilitation of learning and development through practice.

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