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Global Academic Network is a pioneering knowledge-sharing platform developed by TIIKM with the aim of building and enhancing fruitful connections in the academic and research spheres by facilitating international collaborations between higher education institutions and key resource persons from all corners of the world.


By enabling greater global access to accurate information, GAN is poised to function as the cornerstone for central collection and distribution of knowledge towards advancing the global academic community and expanding the horizons of research.

We extend our commitment to serve society at large, respecting people from all walks of life and aiming to uplift communities to reach greater heights. Aligning our operations with the Sustainable Development Goals outlined by the United Nations, we seek to fulfill our responsibilities towards the betterment of people and the planet- practicing sustainability and launching initiatives aimed at conservation of the environment.

With emphasis on collaborations and growing together- our vast and worldwide network of highly esteemed members and partners are our greatest asset, and together we are on the path to enhancing global knowledge diplomacy through our wide reach. Thus, we warmly welcome you to take the first step towards joining our growing network


To support higher education institutions, academics and intellectuals to reach their maximum potential and advance society by enabling productive and mutually beneficial partnerships, collaborations and opportunities for knowledge transfer facilitated via a global and interconnected platform to drive knowledge diplomacy through our global reach.

Through our global events and CSR initiatives, TIIKM GAN contributes towards the achievement of the 17 SDGs outlined by the United Nations- with a direct focus on the following 4 SDGs.

Ensure inclusive and equitable Quality Education and promote lifelong learning for all

The TIIKM Global Academic Network is committed by design to provide the highest quality of education, in a format which ensures world-wide access and offers opportunities for lifelong learning for all- guaranteeing a diverse and inclusive membership-base.

Strengthen the means of implementation and revitalize the global partnership for sustainable development.

By gathering the most relevant and up-to-date knowledge and breakthrough research findings from the most insightful studies from around the world within one platform, we facilitate global partnerships for cooperation and strengthening of collaborations towards implementing sustainable development initiatives in the education and research spheres

Reduced Inequality among and within countries.

While prioritizing international collaborations between institutions and academics across state boundaries, we aim to be the medium for efficient transfer of knowledge between nations. Encouraging members to become diplomats for knowledge sharing within their respective countries- maximizing the spread of knowledge to minimize inequality. 

Build resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization and foster innovation.

By encouraging collaborations between many parties to conduct groundbreaking studies as joint-research projects, we are setting a foundation for greater learning and development that enhances the potential for new breakthrough solutions- as a result of innovations discovered by putting research recommendations into practice and by informed decision making.


Building an insightful global academic community and empowering society through high-quality knowledge exchange and mutually beneficial partnerships based on international collaborations.


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